The Virtual Fabric Software Company


  • Supports millions of servers
  • No broadcast flooding; ARP requests intercepted at network edge
  • Patent pending wiring methods offer practically unlimited expansion; switch radix no longer limits total flat network size

Multi-Tenant and Secure

  • Complete dynamically controllable traffic isolation, “VLANs on steroids”
  • Single network-wide coordinated firewall
  • Traffic authorization controlled on ingress, not egress


  • Servers and hypervisors think they are running on a normal layer 2 Ethernet
  • Supports multiple standard and custom overlay protocols: GRE, VxLAN, NVGRE, STT, LSP
  • IPV4 and IPV6 fully supported
  • Versions for Broadcom and Fulcrum chip sets, standard switch operating systems and OpenFlow

Virtualization and Cloud Computing Support

  • VM-aware. Tracks VM motion and adjusts network traffic
  • No new switches required; hypervisor version provides full Ethernet fabric capabilities
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