Technology Overview  

Data Centers

We have invented a unique approach to building a fabric across a large number of Ethernet switches, and built a comprehensive technology platform based on this Flexible Radix Switching (FRS) technique. This innovation enables transparent integration with existing data center solutions and big improvements to networks supporting cloud, virtualization, and big data applications. These data center network solutions are superior in terms of cost, performance, robustness and ease of use.

Hardware Wiring

Our advanced wiring techniques also apply to dense wiring networks inside hardware devices such as network switch backplanes and highly parallel computing arrays. We are in the process of extending our development activities to these applications, where our solutions will provide increased bandwidth and reduced latency or delays, much as our wiring, routing and network control solutions do for data centers. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring how our Long Hop wiring technology can be applied in this area.

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