Our patent-pending Virtual Fabric Software includes everything needed to build a scale-out Ethernet fabric solution that includes:
  • Topology, wiring and forwarding advances that enable lower capital cost, lower operating cost, greater cross-sectional bandwidth, lower latency, and faster fault handling than existing solutions
  • Massive flat, multi-tenant, multi-path topology scaling to tens of millions of end-points
  • Non-blocking any-to-any connectivity (or user specified over-subscription ratio)
  • Load-balancing, self-healing and multi-path forwarding across large numbers of links
  • Single Point of Management (SPM) – Configure, Manage, Monitor and Debug from one console
  • Global, centrally managed security, bandwidth reservation and traffic flow control with scripting language and API for application-centric control of network resources and traffic flows
  • Highly available transactional database layer supports scale-out control and management planes
  • Floodless Global IP address resolution service supporting VM mobility and multi-tenancy with overlapping address spaces
  • Support for multiple standard and custom overlay protocols: GRE, VxLAN, NVGRE, STT, LSP,
  • Multiple edge deployment models: Integrated with industry standard hypervisors, Top of Rack switches, or SDN controllers
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